A fullstack developer! Flutter Lover. Angular2+, Electron, Vue.js, From Vanilla PHP and some laravel to nodejs/express, Java Developer(JavaFX). Neo4j Fan! Mongodb, MySQL and PostgreSql Plays with javascript. Luv pink and purple a lot! A cat person :-)



These are the platforms I work on and the tools used.


Create web applications with Vue,express, PHP, Flutter should be major soon


Create mobile applications mainly with flutter.Also work with native android(java)


Create desktop applications with JavaFx and also make use of Electron, Flutter

Recent Projects

Here are some amazing projects recently completed by me. Had a great time working on them. Every project is a learning experience for something more amazing to come :-)

Tic Tac Toe

A multiplayer Tic Tac Toe (X and O) game built with firebase and flutter.

The personal website of nonybrighto. To showcase projects, write notes and show all other information

Tv Series Jokes

An android application for sharing jokes from your favorite tv series.